It could also be seen as a re-encounter, since the first one already happened: the encounter. And the first one was internally, when we heard it resonate for the first time in the entrails of the Inner Self.  Russill Paul took us there. And it was wonderful.  Sound and voice, scrutinizing instruments that removed unknown fibers; and also Mantras, which awakened what seemed numb, either by their invocations to the Divine Mother or by Lord Shiva’s thundering forces.


The complement was knowing of his graceful figure and his splendid smile to complement and recognize his devotion, dedication and discipline, besides his talent to interpret and experience on himself, achievements only of those who decide to advance from the most divine aspect: to resonate with the Self

Not only from there the idea arose, but the intention of bringing him close, so close, that we could breathe by his side, to intone something conciuos that unifies. as well as to be grateful for the blessing of existence. knowing that praise, the register of the cosmic notes, and the pronunciation of divine sounds, will lead to elevate us until where  EVERYTHING IS.

That is how…Russill Paul will be very soon with us.

Om Namaha Shivaya!

Shakti Ma